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To all supporters, sponsors players & committee (past & present) and Life members……….
Seniors and Juniors

It is with great pleasure and pride that I announce today, that “Glenholme Park” is back in Brothers name. After months of negotiation with Clive Berghofer , an agreement was reached to purchase back the seniors grounds, by the Brothers club. On Monday 13th February, 2017 , at 2-00pm the settlement was effected and ownership transferred.

I would like to publically thank Clive Berghofer for his ongoing support and advice to our club. He purchased it , when originally sold in 2005, he let our club remain and play , at a very nominal rate, Clive continues to be a major sponsor at the club , is a Life member, and we cannot thank him enough for the support he has provided. Acknowledgement and a big thank you also to the “Glenholme Trustees” , who protected the club’s cash situation , since the original sale. This put the club in the position today, to facilitate the purchase.

As a result , we have also implemented a new corporate structure , whereby a new board is now in place to run the CLUB as a business, focusing in long term infrastructure and development projects. We are now ONE CLUB , and our strength is the strong relationship between our Seniors and Juniors.

Time to celebrate and I invite you all to support our clubs home games throughout the year. We need your support more than ever now and simply coming out in numbers to the club.

Joe Hannant
President Brothers Seniors



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